On behalf of our community and the parents, we would like to Welcome each one of you. It is our pleasure to oversee a school which is student-focused with dedicated and committed employees...... (School Board)

School Transportation Department...

Blackwater Community School has established a well-organized and supervised Transportation department this year. School has now hired Mr. Cleophus Glass as our Transpaortation Manager. He oversees the entire department and shaares some of his primary assets and personnel with facilities department. One of many goals that Mr. Glass wants to achieve by the end of current school year is to cut down the cost to run this department while maintaining the current quality services to the children and the community.

Mr. Glass is not new to the school or to the community. He has been serving Gila River Indian Community Students and parents for years. Please contact him if you have any questions and or need additional information about his departemnt. He can be reached by phone at (520)215-5859 or by email at :cleophus.glass@bwcs.k12.az.us


Our school has powerful educational model built on a triad of federal, state and tribal cooperation focused on an educational model that supports Native American Children and their community.