On behalf of our community and the parents, we would like to Welcome each one of you. It is our pleasure to oversee a school which is student-focused with dedicated and committed employees...... (School Board)

Certified Staff and Grade Level Assignments...

The Blackwater Community School-

Certified Staff-Placements SY 2015-16 (subject to change without any prior notification)
Employee Name Grade Level/Dept. Employee Name Grade level/Dept.
Gwendolyn Paul FACE Pre-S. Matilda Pratt Lang.Culture
John Fullen FACE-Adult Ed. Bill Fox Technology
Stacy Kalman QF-PreSchool Lachelle Jackson Librarian Aide
Elizabeth Williams PS-Demo Grant Natalie Tate Coach (K-2)
Heather Romm Kinder-A Tauna James Coach (3-5)
Jennifer Moretz Kinder-B Lesa Nuccio Reading Interventionist
Noreen Lasiloo Kinder-C Linda LeVan SPED-Teacher
Tadashi Harvey Kinder-D Barbara Dimino SPED-Teacher
Sonia Turner First-A Richard Hull SPED-Coord. (T)
Dorinda Manning First-B Anne Johnson Speech
Jennice Harvey First-C Myumi Ysaguirre Math-Interventionist
Susan Ashley Second-A Jagdish Sharma Principal
Richard Moody Second-B Misty Lopez Assistant Principal
Shari Singer Second-C    
Jenny Miller Third-A    

Vanessa Murphy


Richard Romm

Lance Reyna Fourth-A    
Melissa Dobbins Fourth-B    
Nicole Fiola Fourth-C    
Nathan Powell Fifth-A    
Steven Murphy Fifth-B    
Alexander Urquijo Fifth-C    



Our school has powerful educational model built on a triad of federal, state and tribal cooperation focused on an educational model that supports Native American Children and their community.