On behalf of our community and the parents, we would like to Welcome each one of you. It is our pleasure to oversee a school which is student-focused with dedicated and committed employees...... (School Board)

Our Classified Staff...

The Blackwater Community School -

Classified Staff 2015-16 (assigments subject to change)
Employee Grade Level/Dept. Employee Grade Level/Dept.
Erika Franco FACE-PreSchool Loren Hall Certified Sub/Parapro
Edwardine Thomas FACE-Parent Educator Samuel C. Parapro
Lupita Thomas FACE-Parent Educator    
Tyra Phillips QF-PreSchool Mercedes Esalio  
Baely Lofink Demo Grant-PreSchool Lachelle Jackson  
Michelle Soto Monitor Stephen McMullan  
  SPED Renee D Baca Admin Staff
Tera Pino SPED Andrea Perkins Admin Staff
    Robin Settle Admin Staff
Erik Carpenter IT Dept. Peggy Huff HR Manager
    Cynthia Robinette Business Manager
Ed Bylina Certified Sub/Parapro Kathy Cravens Business Office
Raul Padilla IT Manager    


Our school has powerful educational model built on a triad of federal, state and tribal cooperation focused on an educational model that supports Native American Children and their community.