We firmly believe in Early literacy...

A Glimpse of Family Literacy Events at our school...

Classified Employees SY 2024-25...

Employee Name Grade Level/Dept. Employee Name Department
Crysta Jackson PS Jeffrey Walker Business Manager
Rhonda Boelens Kinder Lauren Allison Principal's Secretary
Alicia Kisto Attendant-4th Arsenia Mecias AP/Payroll (Busi. office)
Breanna Duarte Attendant-1st Amanda Macias Attend./Enrollment
Juliana Lopez Attendant-Kinder Leeanna Paul HR Manager
Clarissa Gonzales NYCP-Grant Jonell Satoyant Front Office Sec.
Siasek Lucero Attendant-3rd    
Stephen McMullen Attedant Sp Ed. Marjorie Greyhair AP/Payroll (Busi. office)
Jody Peterson Attendant-Sped. Ed.    
Edward Bylina Hallway Monitor Ofelia Delfin Food Svcs. Mgr.
Shana Jo Agripino 5th Anatisa Burns Cafe
Tera Pino Attendant-Lang/Culture Sheldon Blackwater Cafe
Kathleen Cox Parapro-FACE PS Mary Macazan Cafe
Lachelle Jackson Attendant Lib, Kaitlin Jackson FACE Parent Educator
Chance Madewell Facilities Sup. Anna Jose FACE Parent Educator
Michael Smith Trans. Sup. Michael Hulcy IT Manager
Enrique Cruz Driver /Fac. Wade Mix Night Security
Eugenio De La Cerda Driver/Fac.    
Lena Moody Driver/Fac.    
Roberto Bermudez Driver/Fac.    
Open Driver/Fac.    
Leandro Agang Attendant 5th    
Belen Lawlor Attendant    
Alette Paul Attendant-2nd    



Early Literacy is a part of our Core Values...

Free Books for Families at our Family literacy Events....


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