Teacher of the Year 2022-23

Congrats Ms. Lopez-Thank You for All Your Hardwork & Committment to BWCS

Blackwater Community School: Classified Employees SY 2021-22 ...

Employee Name Grade Level/Dept. Employee Name Department
Agripino, Shana Jo (para) 1st Grade-support TBD Finance Manager
Breanna Duarte 1st Grade-support Lauren Allison Principal's Secretary
Bylina, Edward (para/sub) 5th Grade-support Arsenia Mecias AP/Payroll (Busi. office)
Tera Pino Lang-Cult.-support Amanda Macias Truancy
TBD (para/sub) Kinder C support Leeanna Paul HR Manager
TBA Kinder-D support Jonell Satoyant Front Office Sec.
  SPED Supprt Michele Rodriguez Attend./Enrollment
Lachelle Jackson Library-support Marjorie Greyhair AP/Payroll (Busi. office)
Alicia Kisto FACE -Co-Teacher Ofelia Delfin Food Svcs. Mgr.
McMullen, Stephen SPED Supprt TBD SPED Support
Julianna Lopez Attendant Jody Peterson SPED Support
    TBD BWCS-NYCP (Grant Coor)
TBA 3rd Gr.-Support Clarissa Molina NYCP Grant -Home Visitor
Siasek Lucero Attendant Kaitlin Jackson FACE Parent Educator
    Anna Jose FACE Parent Educator
TBA Facilities Sup. TBD Tech. Help desk
Eugene Metz Transportation/Fac. TBA Tech. Help desk
Eugenio De La Cerda Transportation/Fac. Michael Hulcy IT Manager
Lena Moody Transportation/Fac.    
Carla Johnson Transportation/Fac.    
Open Transportation/Fac.    
TBD Transportation/Fac.    


Support Staff of the Year 2022-23

Congrats Ms. Duarte-Thank You for All Your Hardwork & Committment to BWCS

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