On behalf of our community and the parents, we would like to Welcome each one of you. It is our pleasure to oversee a school which is student-focused with dedicated and committed employees...... (School Board)

School-Wide Committees...

The Blackwater Community School is proud to have its highly qualified, dedicated and committed employees in instructional and classified employees categories. Furthermore, with the intent of keeping the governance of the school totally trasparent , school administartion has formed many committees and sub-committees and has deligated authority to make the best decisions in the interests of our children and the school. Majority of these committee members do not get compensated financially, it is purely based on their committment and a great sense of volunteerism.

For SY 2015-16, We have the following committees in place to perform various functions pertaining to all aspects of the school:

Leadership Team Culture Committee School Climate/Staff Appreciation
Jagdish Sharma (Chair) Matilda Pratt (Chair) Heather Romm
Natalie Tate Gwen Paul (Co-Chair) Misty Lopez (Chair)
TBD Noreen Lasiloo John Fullen
Misty Lopez Edwardine Thomas Richard Romm
Richard Hull Crystal Burrell Karen Zagami
Matilda Pratt Tera Pino Erik Carpenter
Tauna James Lachelle Jackson Jennifer Carpenter
  Jennifer Carpenter Dorinda Manning
  Odessa Hurd Baely Lofink
  Sonia Turner Peggy Huff
  Veronica Davis  
  Richard Moody  
  Renee Delgado  
  Jagdish Sharma  


Year-Book Committee Student Recognition/Attendance FIAT Committee
Robin Settle (Chair) Tauna James (Chair) Kathy Woodbury (Chair)
Pauline King Harriet West Brandon Mendez
Linda LaVan Tawnya Shultz Loren Hall
Bill Fox JW Fallon Alesia Denson
Barb DeMino Colleen Sultzer Colleen Sulzer
Jack Ball Andrea Perkins Katrina Harris
  Robin Settle Shari Singer
  Melissa Dobbins Jeff Thornburg
  Lance Reyna  
  Tiffany Weinhold  


Emergency Committee Curriculum Committee Grade Level Team Leaders
Jagdish Sharma (Chair) Misty Lopez (Chair) Heather Romm-Kinder
Peggy Huff Natalie Tate Sonia Turner- 1st
John Fallon Heather Romm Shari Singer-2nd
Ed Bylina Brandon Mendez Crystal Burrell-3rd
Randen Pino Sonia Turner Tauna James-4th
Misty Lopez Shari Singer Philomena Casbarro-5th
Bill Fox Crystal Burrell Gwen Paul-Pre-School
Philomena Casbarro Tauna James  
Robin Settle Philomena Casbarro  
Raul Padilla    
John Fullen    
Brandon Mendez    


Our school has powerful educational model built on a triad of federal, state and tribal cooperation focused on an educational model that supports Native American Children and their community.