My Teacher-My Work for Week of April 27th thru May 8th, 2020...

On behalf of our teaching staff and administration, i would like to send a "shout-out" to all our parents and guardians who have been working with the school and their child(ren) at home. We really appreciate it and I know your child (ren) must be very thankful as well. Please let school administration and teachers know your innovative ideas and any concerns (if any). We would liek to make the "remote learning experience" a pleasant one for you as well as for your child.

Please click below on the grade level tab to go there and find the lesson plans and other important information from your teacher. Remember all grade level teachers are working together. Our special area teachers including special education staff may have some different assignments, please dont forget to go on their tabs and find out.

Lead Teacher:Gwendolyn Paul: {Lesson Plans April 27 thru May 22}

Following are the teachers in Preschool department :

  1. Gwendolyn Paul-FACE Early Childhood Teacher-
  2. Stacey Kalman-GRIC-NYCP Grant based Preschool Teacher-
  3. Lolita Lee-BWCS-NYCP grant based Preschool-
  4. Katrina Harris-Quality First Preschool Teacher-

Lead Teacher:Ms. Sonia Turner:{Lesson Plans April 27 thru May 22}

  1. Sonia Turner
  2. Sophia Martinez
  3. Hannah Williams
  4. Zeyna Pruzhanovsky


Lead Teacher:Ms. Natalie Tate: {Lesson Plans-2nd Gr.}

  1. Natalie Tate-
  2. Adrianna Isles-
  3. Tauna James


Lead Teacher:Ms. Jenny Miller: {Lesson Plans April 27 thru May 8}

  1. Jenny Miller-
  2. Vanessa Murphy-
  3. Nicole Fiola -


Lead Teacher: Mr. Lance Reyna:

  1. Lance Reyna-
  2. Markitta Paulson
  3. Alecia Begay-

@Lesson Plans (April 27th thru May 8th, 2020)

Lead Teacher: Mr. Steven Murphy: {Lesson Plans: April 27th} (Lesson Plans:May 4th}

  1. Steven Murphy
  2. Philomena Casbarro


Reading Interventionist: Ms. Lesa Nuccio-{Lesson Plan April 27-May 8-Click here}

Math Interventionist: Ms. Mayumi Ysaguirre-{Lesson Plans April 27}|| {Lesson Plans May 4th-8}


Special Ed. Coordinator: Mr. Richard Hull:

  1. Cari Missan-{ Lesson Plans-April 27 thru May May 8 }
  2. Linda Levan-
  3. Marta Leinberger-Check List


Special Area Staff:

  1. Ms. Matilda Pratt-(Language/Culture Teacher)-
  2. Mr. Bill Fox- (Technology Teacher){Lesson plans}
  3. Mr. Jack Ball- (PE Teacher) {Lesson Plans}


Mr. John Fullen (Adult Ed. Teacher):{Lesson Plans}

@Math assignments

@Language Arts assignments | LA Week of April 27 || LA Week of May 4 |

@Social Studies Assignments | SS Week of April 27 || SS Week of May 4 |