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Dear Parents and Guardians

Administration has requested all grade level certified staff to work together in close collaboration with each grade level teacher as well as with Special Education teachers to provide the best education learning experience for all our students at each grade level. You will be able to find your child's assigned work as well as links to thier videos as a means of direct instruction. Each teacher is expected to maintain the open communications with each family to ensure you receive their help whenever it is needed. Furthermore, all grade level teachers are expected to designate one teacher who will be producing and uploading the instructional video (if needed) links to make the learning easy and a fun.

Lead Teacher:Gwendolyn PaulĀ 

Following are the teachers in Preschool department :

  • Gwendolyn Paul-FACE Early Childhood Teacher
  • Stacey Kalman-GRIC-NYCP Grant based Preschool Teacher
  • Lolita Lee-BWCS-NYCP grant based Preschool
  • Katrina Harris-Quality First Preschool Teacher

Letters to Parents from this Team:

Assigments from this Team Listed Below (assignment packets being delivered):

1. Here is the Lesson Plan

Lead Teacher:Ms. Mary Noreika

Here is our Kindergarten Team:

Lesson Plan for Parents to follow:

Suggested Web sites:

1. Highly Recommended Sites-Click Here

Assigments from this Team Listed Below (assignment packets being delivered):


Lead Teacher:Ms. Sonia Turner

  1. Letter for Parents from our 1st Grade Teachers
  2. Lesson Plans to follow at Home

Recommended websites: {Batch 1} {Batch2} {Batch 3}


Lead Teacher:Ms. Jenny Miller {Letter to Parents-Please Read}

  • Jenny Miller
  • Vanessa Murphy
  • Nicole Fiola

Assigments for 3rd Grade-Click here


Lead Teacher: Mr. Lance Reyna {Letter to Parents from 4th Grade Teachers-Click here to Read}

  • Lance Reyna
  • Markitta Paulson
  • Alecia Begay

Lesson Plan to follow for Parents/students-Click here

Lead Teacher: Mr. Steven Murphy

  • Steven Murphy
  • Philomena Casbarro
  1. Letter to Parents from 5th Grade Teachers
  2. Lesson Plans for the week of March 30th, 2020
  3. Lesson Plans for the Week of April 6th, 2020

Assigments from this Team Listed Below (assignment packets being delivered):

Reading Interventionist: Ms. Lesa Nuccio-

Math Interventionist: Ms. Mayumi Ysaguirre

Special Area Staff:

Melissa Puentes (Instructional Coach K-5)

Ms. Puentes has put together the following PD links for all our instructional staff to refresh our memories on some of the topics such as: How Do I assign writing assignments to my students, How to add tests/assessments in Think-central (Reading), Adding assignments in Think-central for students, Pearson Tutorials for Math, etc. Please click on the links below to refresh your memories.

  1. Think Central Guides to add assignments
  2. Think Central Guides to add assessments
  3. PEG writing video tutorial (grades 3-5)
  4. Pearson Tutorial website (math)

Melissa will be happy to add more tutorials in the ELA/Math areas, if needed, please send her your request through emails.