Welcome to Our help center:

This page is designed to provide a quick help to our students and parents who may encounter some sort of problems while trying to login to school subscribed academic web sites. Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below. please read through and if still your problem is not resolved, please feel free to call the school, our IT department personnel will be happy to help you over the phone. Please make sure when you call our IT department and or school with any technology related issue, taht you are close to your computer. it will help expedite the response.

1.Question: I don't know or my child does not know his/her user name and password-what Do i do?

Answer: Don't worry, just dial the school number (520-215-5859) and ask that question, Our front office staff will look up the user name and password for your child. Office staff may ask you some questions for verification purposes. (All user names and passwords have been uploaded to our intranet which is not visible outside the school's network)

2. Question: My child knows his/her user name and password, but we still can't login to anything?

Answer: Most of the time, it is misspelled either user name and or password, please try to spell the username and password just as it was provided to you by the school.. If the problem still persists, call the school. For Reading Think-central login , your login screen should look like this picture. For your Phonics/Reading Smarty-Ants, you should be able to see the login screen that looks like this picture.

3. Question: Who Do I call if my child needs help on some math or reading problems?

Answer: Feel free to contact your child's teacher, if you cannot get hold of the teacher, please call the school.

4. Question: Will school provide tutoring (in person) if a child is a special needs child ?

Answer: Here is an excerpt from US department of Education: "If a school district closes its schools and does not provide any educational services to the general student population, then a school would not be required to provide services to students with disabilities during that same period of time. Once school resumes, the school must return to providing special education and related services to students with disabilities in accordance with the student’s IEP or, for students entitled to FAPE under Section 504, consistent with any plan developed to meet the requirements of Section 504.
The Department understands that there may be exceptional circumstances that could affect how a particular service is provided. If a student does not receive services after an extended period of time, the student’s IEP Team, or appropriate personnel under Section 504, must make an individualized determination whether and to what extent compensatory services are needed consistent with the respective applicable requirements, including to make up for any skills that may have been lost.
Additionally, IEP Teams are not required to meet in person while schools are closed. If an evaluation of a student with a disability requires a face-to-face assessment or observation, the evaluation would need to be delayed until school reopens.{Read the Entire Press Release}