Instructional Staff of The Year 2021-22

Congratulations Ms. Schlarb !! You Are Truely an asset to BWCS !!

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Greetings All !

Thank you for visiting my web page. I hope that You will find some relevant information here on my site. As I am preparing the Orientation package for School Year 2022-23 for our Blackwater School Employees, following links to our online quizzes may help some of you. Please make sure you listen and attend our in-person training sessions first before responding to the questions in the quizzes below. Each quiz has certain passing percentage and you must score the passing points in order to get your training certificate from my office. Just Click on the Links below and make sure you put your First and last names before starting. You are allowed to take quizzes multiple times until you get the passing scores. Thank you and Best Wishes !!

1. Quiz :Asthma,Diabetes and Epilepsy in the School Setting Quiz

2. Quiz : Blood-Borne Pathogens Quiz

3. Quiz : Anaphylaxis and Use of Epi-Pen Quiz

4. Quiz : FERPA/HIPPA Quiz

Support Staff of the Year 2021-22

Congratulations Ms. Macias-We are Blessed to have you !!

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