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Our School-wide Committees (SY 2024-25)...

Blackwater Community School strongly believes in empowering the staff at all levels for shared governance. This also helps keep the communication channels open throughout the organization besides giving all employees a 'sense of ownership'. School highly encourages all employees to be part of one or more committees to coordinate and organize various events at the school to promote 'parental engagement'. We appreciate the willingness of our staff and their committment to ensure that we as school stakeholders together help create an environment which enables us to accomplish our mission: 'Quality Education Begins Here'.

Following accordian Panels contain the list of our school-wide Committees for SY 2023-24 and the membership information.

Culture Committee...

  • Matilda Pratt (Chair)
  • Tera Pino (Co-Chair)
  • Sonia Turner
  • Rita Allison
  • Philomena Casbarro
  • Marjorie Greyhair
  • Michael Smith

Curriculum Committee...

  • Tauna James
  • Misty Lopez (Chair)
  • Natalie Tate (Co-Chair)
  • Sonia Turner
  • Shari Singer
  • Phyllis Florea
  • Amelia Antone
  • Hannah Williams

Social & Staff Appreciation Committee...

  • Ofelia Delfin
  • Mary Macazan
  • Anatisa Burns
  • Sheldon Blackwater
  • Arsenia Macias
  • Renee Baca
  • Cristine Rosenbam
  • Stacey Kalman
  • Lena Moody
  • Jo Agripino
  • Sonia Turner

Emergency Operations Committee...

  • Jack Sharma (Chair)
  • Lindsey Wicks (Co-Chair)
  • Chance Madewell
  • Donna Schlarb
  • John Fullen
  • Philomena Casbarro
  • Michael Hulcy
  • Mayumi Ysaguirre

5th Grade Promotion Committee...

  • Misty Lopez (Chair)
  • Crystal Butler (Co-Chair)
  • Cesar E. Manlangit
  • Greta G. Colon
  • Zeyna Pruzhanovsky
  • Donna Schlarb
  • Rosenda Rivera
  • Jonell Setoyant
  • Amelia Antone
  • Jo Agripino
  • Lee Agang
  • Jeanne Masigan
  • Lauren Allison

FIAT (Family In Action Team)Committee...

  • Angie Guerrero (Chair)
  • Katrina Harris (Co-Chair)
  • Christie Avery
  • Laura Hendrickson
  • Lorrie Berns
  • Janara Roots
  • Beth Maniscalco

Student Recognition Committee...

  • Amelia Antone
  • Breanna Duarte
  • Clarissa Gonzales
  • Siasek Lucero
  • Cristina Rosenbam
  • Lachelle Jackson

Year Book Committee...

  • Amanda Macias (Chair)
  • Dylene Freeland
  • Jody Peterson
  • Amelia Antone (Co-chair)
  • Belen Lawlor
  • Rhonda Boelens
  • Kathleen Cox


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