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(Student Enrollment Policy Guidelines)
G.1 Eligibility of Students to Enroll:
The School accepts enrollment for all students pursuant to this Policies and Procedures Manual. Families residing outside the transportation boundaries are required to bring their children to an established bus stop within the transportation area.

G.2 Enrollment:
The parent(s) or guardian(s) of each new student enrolling for the first time, except for a homeless student as defined in A.R.S. §¬15-824, shall produce one of the following documents or information:

  • Birth Certificate or any other reliable document to show proof of age (such as a passport, a baptismal certificate)
  • Immunization Record (Required)
  • Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (if Applicable)
  • Power of Attorney of Minor Child (if applicable)
  • Legal Custody Papers (if applicable)

Upon the failure of a person enrolling a student to provide the above documentation, the School shall notify that person in writing that, unless he/she complies within ten (10) working days, the case shall be referred to the local law enforcement agency for investigation. If compliance is not obtained within the ten (10) working day period, the School shall refer the case to the local law enforcement agency.

Nothing contained in this policy shall authorize the School to disclose to any person a student’s educational record without prior parental consent unless the School makes a determination that disclosure of such records is necessary to protect the health and safety of the student.

Within five (5) working days after enrolling a transfer student from a public school in another school district or from a private school, the School will request, directly from the previous school, a certified copy of the student’s record. When records are requested by another school, within five (5) working days the School will comply with the request unless the record has been flagged pursuant to A.R.S. §¬15-829 or the request does not conform to the requirements related to proper release of records by an emancipated student or a parent or guardian.

A student's immunization record must be submitted prior to attendance, although a student may be conditionally enrolled provided that necessary immunizations have been initiated and a schedule has been established for completion of the required immunizations. A student who fails to comply with the immunization schedule within ten (10) working days of conditional enrollment shall be suspended in accordance with policies of the School, except that a homeless student shall not be suspended from attendance until the fifth (5th) calendar day after enrollment.

(for full details of the School's Enrollment Policy guidelines, you may contact Michele Rodriguez at ext. 7911)

Santa's Visit to Our School

"Thank You Santa for Stopping by at our school"

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