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PUBLIC NOTICE: Pursuant to A.R.S.38-431 and A.R.S. 38-431.03.A.1 All Board Meeting Notices are posted on the Office Display window. All Board Meetings are held in the Admin Building# 300 (School Library/Coaches Corner). (address: 3652 E. Blackwater School Road, Coolidge AZ 85128). Board Meetings are scheduled on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:30PM unless there is a Special Board Meeting. Parents and general Public is always welcome to attend the meetings. For making Public Comments at the Board meeetings, please use the approved Form and follow the policy guidelines as mentioned on the second page of this form. You must submit this completed form to the Board Clerk and or Board President well in advance of the scheduled meeting.

SY 2014-15
Meeting Date Agenda Link Meeting Date Agenda Link
07/10/2014 Link to Agenda (Akimel)(pdf) 02/03/2015 Link to Agenda (pdf)
07/10/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) 02/11/2015 Link to Agenda (pdf)
07/18/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) 03/03/2015 Link to Agenda (pdf)
07/22/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) 03/18/2015 (Special) Link to Agenda (pdf)
08/05/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) 03/30/2015 (Special) Link to Agenda (pdf)
08/21/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) 04/02/2015 (special) Link to Agenda (pdf)
09/02/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) 04/07/2015 Link to Agenda (pdf)
09/10/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) Akimel 04/14/2015 (special) Link to Agenda (pdf)
09/10/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) 04/20/2015(special) Link to Agenda (pdf)
09/18/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) 04/22/2015 (emergency) Link to Agenda (pdf)
10/07/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) 05/05/2015 Link to Agenda (pdf)
10/14/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) 06/02/2015 Link to Agenda (pdf)
10/14/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf) Akimel 06/02/2015 (charter) Link to Agenda (pdf)
10/16/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf)    
10/27/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf)    
11/04/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf)    
11/17/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf)    
12/02/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf)    
12/09/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf)    
12/15/2014 Link to Agenda (pdf)    
01/21/2015 Link to Agenda (pdf)    
01/27/2015 Link to Agenda (pdf)    
02/03/2015 Special Mtg (pdf)    


Employee of the Year......

Congrats Mr. Bylina and Ms. Jose (not in picture).....


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