Teacher of the Year 2022-23

Congrats Ms. Lopez-Thank You for All Your Hardwork & Committment to BWCS

Welcome to Our HR Department...

Blackwater Community School is always looking for dedicated Teaching staff , Substitute teachers and Bus Drivers, and paraprofessionals. Please check this page frequently to stay updated on our current and future job openings. Blackwater Community School offers a very attractive salary with other benefits such as Arizona State Retirement, excellent Health benefits including dental and vision. Our secure fax line number is: 1-800-507-5310. Please make sure you are submitting all the required paperwork to the HR department before being considered Invited for Employment Interview. Blackwater Community School/Akimel O'Otham Pee Posh Charter School participates in E-Verify process. See following links for more info:

“Notice to Applicant: Section 231 of the Crime Control Act of 1990, Public Law 101-647 (codified in 42 United States Code § 13041), and Section 408 of the Miscellaneous Indian Legislation, Public Law 101-630 (codified in 25 United States Code § 3207) requires a national criminal history records check as a condition of employment for positions that involve regular contact with or control over Indian children.”

All positions require an AZ Fingerprint Clearance Card & ability to successfully complete a National Criminal Background Check.

Health Benefits Information Booklet (2018-19)-

  1. BWCS Dental Ins. Plan (MetLife) (Metlife website-ID:5959318)Phone:800-942-0854
  2. BWCS Vision Care (Lincoln Vision care) 2019-20
  3. Magellan-CISM Guidelines
  4. EPO-Plan description
  5. PPO Plan Description
  6. Blackwater Benefit Guide 2016-2017
  7. EPO Benefits Plan
  8. PPO High Deductible Plan
  9. PPO Low Deductible Plan
  10. WRAP Plan
  11. WRAP Plan Document
  12. EPO Plan Amendment 1
  13. PPO Plan Amendment 1
  14. PPO Plan Amendment 2
  15. Flexible Benefits Plan Summary Plan Description
  16. Flexible Benefits Plan
  17. Download Complete Package (1 thru 13)

SY 2022-23 revised Salary Schedules :

Following revised Salary schedules were approved by the School Board of Trustees on April 13, 2022 for SY 2022-23:


Download Mandatory Questionnaire for Certified Instructional applicants



Support Staff of the Year 2022-23

Congrats Ms. Duarte-Thank You for All Your Hardwork & Committment to BWCS

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