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BWCS 5th Grade Promotion May 25, 2017:Students Enterance
BWCS 5th Grade Promotion May 25, 2017:Principal Mr. Sharma-Welcoming
BWCS 5th Grade Promotion May 25, 2017:GRIC Hon'ble Gov. Lewis-Addressing
BWCS 5th Grade Promotion May 25, 2017:GRIC Lt. Gov. M Antone-Addressing
BWCS 5th Grade Promotion May 25, 2017:Students Celebrating
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"Proud to be a Partner of Blackwater Community School"


Blackwater Community School hosts monthly Family Literacy Night events to promote community wide Literacy movement. We are very proud of our parents and guardians committed to this cuase and who have been partnering with the school to ensure our "Raising A Reader" vision comes to fruition. These images above represents a strong committment and partnership with the Community that we proudly serve. We want to thank all our parents and Our Staff for working together as one Team towards achieving the Community-Wide vision . Big Thanks goes to our Community Council for providing resources to make these events possible for this noble cause.

Board Of Trustees: Blackwater Community School-Akimel O'Otham Pee Posh Charter School Inc....

Mr. Henry Pino (Board President).....

Henry PinoMr. Pino has been serving on the Board well over a decade and brings lot of wisdom and experience to the table. Mr. Pino represents GRIC District One (Blackwater District). It is my pleasure to oversee a school which is student-focused with a dedicated and committed employees. We try our very best to provide a well-balanced curricula and other activities for the development of a "all-rounded" anda "whole-child". Mr. Pino being retired from the Law Enforcement department, brings a different perspective to the discussions. Mr. Pino is fluent speaker of his native language and is well versed in the Gila River culture and traditions. Mr. Pino's few favorites are long walks, cooking and helping friends. (Jan. 1st 2017 thru Dec. 31st, 2019) D1

Ms. Anne Garcia (Vice-President)

Anne GarciaMs. Anne Garcia represents GRIC District Two (Hashan Kehk) and has been serving on the Blackwater/Akimel O'Otham Charter School Board since 2015. Ms. Garcia is a retired educator herself and has worked with Tribal Early Childhood Education department for a number of years. She brings lot of ideas and wisdom in the area of Special Education when it comes to meeting needs of all studnets including children with special needs. She is very strong supporter of teaching Native language and Culture to all younger generation this school serves. Her favorite saying, "It is okay to make mistakes when children are learning their Language and Culture". (Jan. 1st, 2016 thru Dec. 31st, 2018) D2

Ms. Deanna Jackson (Board Member)

Suzanne AcunaMs. Deanna Jackson hails from District One of the Gila River indian Community. Deanna has been always very active in her Native Community and currently serves on committees within District One . Deanna actually studied at this school during her elementary schooling days. Entire School community welcomes Ms. Jackson to our Board of Trustees Team. We all wish her the best while she steps into a totally different role at Blackwater Community/Akimel O'Otham Pee Posh Charter School.

(more details to come)........

(Feb. 6th, 2018 thru Dec. 31st, 2019) D1

Ms. Jeanne Gomez (Board Member)...

JeanneBoard member Jeanne Gomez represents GRIC District Two (Hashan Kehk) which is located just north of our school. Ms. Gomez joined the Blackwater School Board back in 2016. She has worked with the various Tribal departments for a number of years and is now enjoying her retirement. She is very active in the community and always brings a unique perspective during the discussions at the Board meetings. We are very fortunate to have Ms. Gomez on the Blackwater Community School/Akimel O'Otham Pee Posh Charter School Board of Trustees Team. (Jan. 1st thru Dec. 31st, 2019) D2

Ms. Alberta Joyce McAfee (Board Member)...

JoyceMs. Joyce McAfee joined the Blackwater School Board Trustees team back in 2016 and represents GRIC District One (Blackwater District). Ms. McAfee is a very active in the community and has been serving the community members in various capacities under different departments and committees of Blackwater District. Ms. McAfee strongly believes in teaching the language and culture to our young students to ensure the future generations of this Community continue to promote and preserve the rich and glorius heritage. (January 1st, 2016 thru December 31st, 2018) D1

Board Clerk.....

This position is still vacant. Blackwater Community School is looking for a suitable candidate for Board Clerk's position. For more information about this job opening , please contact the School Office at (520)215-5859 and ask for the HR Department Manager Ms. Peggy Huff. Application and a letter of Interest is required for all candidates wishing to apply for this position. Other requirements such as Finger Print Clearnace card, federal background check may also be required. This is not a full-time position. There is a compensation in the form of stipend for each board meeting .

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